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Dear Guests,

Unfortunately due to the continuous growth in Covid statistics as of today, we believe that our best option is to protect our guests and CLOSE DOWN our club. Until now, we tried our best to follow hygiene guidelines, and this is what we are doing now also.

As of the current government decrees, we still could be open as a pub, but we decided to not risk the health of even one of our guests. This is the safest option.

Take care, don't go to large gatherings. As soon as we see fitting, we will open our doors.

The rules for entry into Club Morrison’s 2

The area of ​​the club entertainment anyone can enter, who has reached 18 years of age and he knows it must be proven (eg. A valid, recognizable official attestations or ID card), do not drink or under the influence of drugs, civilized conduct, “clothing suitable to the occasion.”

– if the person entering any dangerous devices candidate is, or has been escorted him because of behavior or company,
the admission may be denied.
– When the staff deems dangerous to enter the candidate (s) on the inside for sport enthusiasts, you may be refused entry.

For non-occasion clothing may be refused entry:
– Baseball cap
– Any sports clothing, sports shoes, sportmez, headband, head scarf, jersey újatlan
– Satanic, black, skull, skeleton, metallic, anarchist and other similar clothing
– Any offensive or insulting others clothing
– Torn, smelly, dirty, worn clothing
– Punk hairstyle, punk clothing
– Hip-hop clothing, baggy pants, dress pants terrain / military dress

The suit/ dress adequacy of the inlet security staff is entitled to decide, not the candidate.
Controll admission!

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