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Dear Guests,

Unfortunately due to the continuous growth in Covid statistics as of today, we believe that our best option is to protect our guests and CLOSE DOWN our club. Until now, we tried our best to follow hygiene guidelines, and this is what we are doing now also.

As of the current government decrees, we still could be open as a pub, but we decided to not risk the health of even one of our guests. This is the safest option.

Take care, don't go to large gatherings. As soon as we see fitting, we will open our doors.

OPEN: 19.00-06:00
ADDRESS: 1055 Bp., Szent István körút. 11.

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A night out at Morrison’s 2 is definitely on the list of things to do in Budapest! Visit Morrison’s 2 to get a unique experience of the original ruin pub atmosphere.

Entry is free!

As You may have heard, the second wave of Covid 19 has arrived. Because of this, we would like to ask You to party responsibly for your own and for others’ sake. If You feel unwell even a little bit please stay at home. If you decide to come to our club, please respect the regulations. Keep an appropriate distance, disinfect your hands at our disinfecting points (even multiple times during the night). WEARING A MASK IS OBLIGATORY! Thank You for your cooperation! (We also continually monitor the body temperature of guests with a contactless thermometer.)

Entry only possible for people above 18 with valid identification (ID card of passport)!
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